Wildflower Blooms


Inspired by the blooming of wildflowers during Singapore’s first lockdown, Mei Hui painted this artwork to express her joy in depicting the simpler pleasures in life, like the blooming of flowers.

Mixed Media (Reproduction Print)
43cm (H) x 55cm (W), Framed
A3 Painting Size

By : Chew Mei Hui, Touch Community Services
Taking long walks is one of Mei Hui’s favourite pastimes. Besides checking out her neighbourhood and shopping malls, she also enjoys outings with her friends during the weekend. Her other hobbies include watching local TV dramas at home, playing Candy Crush and a puzzle game on her handphone. Mei Hui also enjoys stencilling in art class as she can use a wide variety of colours creatively.

Mei Hui is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.