Wild Flowers & Grass


Wild Flowers & Grass


“Wild Flowers & Grass” by special artist Chew Mei Hui is a captivating artwork that comes alive through the expressive medium of splatter art. The vibrant array of wildflowers and grass dances across the canvas, creating a dynamic and lively composition. The splatters of colours add a touch of spontaneity and energy, capturing the untamed beauty of the wild.

MEDIUM: Marker and Watercolour Painting

SIZE: 55 cm X 43 cm

By TOUCH Community Services, Chew Mei Hui

Mei Hui is diagnosed with intellectual disability. Taking long walks is one of Mei Hui’s favourite pastimes. Besides checking out her neighbourhood and shopping malls, she also enjoys outings with her friends at the end of the week. Other hobbies that she enjoys include watching local TV dramas at home and playing Candy Crush, a puzzle game, on her handphone. Mei Hui also enjoys stenciling in art class as she can use a wide variety of colours in her art creatively.

Mei Hui is diagnosed with intellectual disability.

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