Up Up and Away!


Up Up and Away!


Up, up and away!

As the sun begins to set, Eugene’s hot air balloon adventure begins! With fluffy clouds floating by, his aircraft sets sail into the vast sky accompanied by a friendly elephant, zebra, giraffe and frog. Their journey promises to be full of whimsy and wonder, as they venture beyond the horizon into the great unknown.

MEDIUM: Watercolour Painting

SIZE: 29.7 cm X 42 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Eugene Wong

Eugene has an impressive and extensive knowledge of nature and animals. You can always find him constantly doodling sketches of various animals and cartoon characters. He enjoys applying vibrant colours to his drawings and is eager to learn new art techniques to improve on his art skills.

Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities from birth to adulthood, enabling them with skills, supports and resources to gain independence and lead meaningful lives.

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