Unity is Strength


Unity is Strength


“Unity is Strength” is created by Emily and Michelle. They first started with lines to create patterns and shapes on their individual canvases, before using brushes and chopsticks to strengthen their designs. As both individuals had the same colour scheme, they decided to combined the pieces to enhance each piece’s attractiveness.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 43 cm X 35 cm

By The Singapore Cheshire Home, Cheng Fong Chen, Emily and Teo Wan Ping, Michelle

Emily Cheng, 77, is always helpful and diligently does tasks that have been assigned to her. She is also passionate about learning new things, especially those that are related to art.

Michelle Teo, 49, is keen to learn new skills. She is still new to painting, but is eager to showcase her art and talent.

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