Like a thrilling story being told, Genine explored texture, depth and light through a session full of twists and surprises. Choosing her own colours and painting mediums, she “changes” the painting several different times during this session. Life is exciting and full or surprises, and Genine depicts this through her art.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 122 cm X 41 cm

By Extraordinary People Limited, Genine Tham

Genine Tham is a beneficiary of Extra•Ordinary People’s Creative Lab Programme. Through her art, Genine creates glimpses of her inner world, motivated solely by self-discovery, inquisitiveness, and play. Amidst her artistic process, she is expressive, gentle and explorative. Each of Genine’s paintings projects new awareness emerging from her artistic process and her use of her hands and feet in creating panoramic landscapes that engage the viewer in their complex textures and details.

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