The Kiss of Spring


The Kiss of Spring


A serene landscape unfolds, adorned with tall and majestic pine trees. The evergreen needles of the pines create a lush canopy that stretches towards the sky, offering shade and shelter to the surrounding area. The trees stand in silent elegance, and a layer of glistening snow covers the distant mountain.

Amidst the peaceful setting, a crystal-clear river meanders through the scene, its waters flowing gently and creating a soothing melody as it traverses through the terrain.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 27.9 cm X 35.5 cm

By Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS), Lim Kim Lai

Kim Lai’s life took an unexpected turn when unforeseen circumstances robbed her of the ability to walk in her mid-20s. However, amidst the challenges, she discovered a newfound passion for painting. This creative approach has become a source of liberation and self-expression for her. Through painting, she can freely convey her emotions, thoughts, and dreams onto the canvas.

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