Tea Time


Tea Time


Indulging in desserts and sweets during teatime is an absolute treat, and Ashley captures this moment perfectly in her delicate and intricate graphical art. Her bold pastel palette sets the stage for a stunning teatime scene, complete with a charming floral porcelain teapot, a scrumptious-looking strawberry parfait, and a fancy plate of pudding that is presented like a whimsical cat.

Ashley’s attention to detail brings each element to life, making you feel as if you’re right there at the table, ready to indulge in these delectable delights.

MEDIUM: Paint Marker and Watercolour Painting

SIZE: 29.7 cm X 29.7 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Ashley Yan Wing Yan

Known for her love of Disney’s Frozen characters, Ashley excels at freehand drawing and renders the movie characters, Elsa and Anna, with amazing detail and likeness. She uses a mix of mediums such as pencil, pens and watercolour paints in her work. Ashley’s artistry has grown tremendously in Rainbow Centre’s Artability programme. As an art apprentice, she has learnt to diversify her talents and is currently exploring nature and architecture artworks, instead of her usual fashion drawings

Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities from birth to adulthood, enabling them with skills, supports and resources to gain independence and lead meaningful lives.

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