Sunrise Elegance: Morning Glory in Full Bloom


Sunrise Elegance: Morning Glory in Full Bloom


The vibrant Morning Glory flowers unfurl their delicate petals as the sun rises, casting a warm and radiant glow. The Morning Glory is known for its unique behavior, opening only in direct sunlight, and the painting beautifully captures this moment of their blossoming. As the flowers bask in the full sun, their blooms extend for the longest duration, showcasing their beauty in all its glory. It serves as a reminder of the exquisite nature of these flowers and the transformative power of sunlight on their vibrant display.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 45.72 cm X 35.56 cm

By Vincent Seet

Vincent is a two-time stroke survivor and educator turned artist. He believed that every painting is “a dream come true” and every artwork can be a “hope for peace and harmony in the world”. Over the years, Vincent has supported various charity institutions locally as well as across the region. He also conducts art workshops for residents of a mental health nursing home on a voluntary basis.

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