Sunflower Landscape


Sunflower Landscape


“Sunflower Landscape” by special artist Cheng Chiang Yong showcases a breathtaking scene of sunflowers standing tall and proud against a backdrop of brown mountains and a serene blue sky. They radiate warmth and vitality, filling the landscape with joy and optimism with their vibrant hues and cheerful presence.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 55 cm X 43 cm

By TOUCH Community Services, Cheng Chiang Yong

As an artist, Chiang Yong has his own unique way of interpreting a subject and he has created many artworks of the Vanda Miss Joaquim with his eye for beauty. While Chiang Yong is a lively person who proudly shares his enthusiasm for his art, he is also a true gentleman, always responsible and helpful in lending a helping hand to his peers. Chiang Yong is a family person and he is close to his mother. He enjoys spending time with her during the weekends.

Chiang Yong is diagnosed with intellectual disability, visual and speech impairment.

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