According to fiction, Shangri-la is equivalent to an earthly paradise, a happy land that is isolated from the outside world. In this painting, Shangri-la is pictured to have luscious green fields and clear waters. The serene landscape brings a sense of calm to the viewer, and is possibly why those who reside in Shangri-la are immortal, for they can live a life of tranquility and peace.

MEDIUM: Oil Painting

SIZE: 80 cm X 100 cm

By Handicaps Welfare Association, Goh Ah Nga

Mr Goh has Poliomyelitis in the age of 4 years old and has only completed his primary education. He met Mdm Koh Ah Moi and later got married. Both begin their journey exploring into different medium and materials for their pursue of their family and love in arts. Mr Goh explored into Chinese paintings and water colour, he joined HWA’s art programs in 2004 with Mdm Koh and took up oil paintings till now. He loves gardening too.

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