Su Yao and Brandon made use of acrylics to paint a fire truck, ambulance and police vehicle to show their love and appreciation for the SCDF that ensures the safety and protection of all citizens.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 35.6 cm X 45.8 cm

By YMCA (YSTARS), Su Yao + Brandon from Y STARS

Su Yao (28) has Down syndrome. She loves swimming, dancing and visual art. Her favourite food that makes her smile is always anything that comes with chicken.

Brandon Wong (32) has Down syndrome. He actively participates in the Adult Education Program offered by the Down Syndrome Association. His interests are diverse, ranging from a passion for the visual arts, particularly drawing, to a love for dancing and martial arts. Additionally, he savours delicious cuisine and has a profound enthusiasm for traveling to foreign countries, enriching his life experiences.

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