Rubber Plantation


Rubber Plantation


Sereen painted a scene of a rubber plantation that became an important source of income in the late 1970s in Singapore. While people had little hope in the business initially due to the amount of time needed for the rubber trees to grow and mature, they were proven wrong when the business boomed. Likewise for us, while people may not have high expectations of us, we should not give up on our hopes and dream. Instead, we should work hard to prove them wrong.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 49.3 cm X 39.3 cm

By ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd, Sereen Cheng

Able-bodied before, Sereen had a stroke in the swimming pool in her late teens. Thereafter, she had to depend on her right hand to work with and her left foot with calipers for walking support. Her grandfather, seeing her growing despondence, suggested painting as an option to complement and speed her physical therapy. In the universe of Art where beauty is the goal, Sereen feels most at ease. In its embrace, her negative thoughts and feelings encounter a transformation and she, the artist, is able to soar above.

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