Positive Hand Sign


Positive Hand Sign


Stay positive and spread good vibes with “Positive Hand Sign” by special artist Loh Wei Jie! Against a soothing pastel blue background, a hand gives a thumbs up, symbolising positivity and encouragement. The scene is adorned with a sprinkling of shiny stars, reminding us to always reach for the stars and embrace optimism.

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Painting

SIZE: 43 cm X 55 cm

By TOUCH Community Services, Loh Wei Jie 

Wei Jie is diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. He enjoys eating and likes to listen to a variety of music, from Chinese oldies to trance and disco. He is also a friendly and sociable person, often going out with his friends and hanging out at malls on weekends. As an artist, Wei Jie displays creative flair through art as a medium. He also has a good eye for detail, being able to highlight intricate art forms in his paintings.

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