Step into a world of vibrant beauty with Poppies by special artist Toh Hui Ping. Set against a picturesque field, these captivating flowers bloom in a stunning array of colours. Let the vibrant poppies ignite your imagination and fill your heart with joy.

MEDIUM: Marker and Watercolour Painting

SIZE: 55 cm X 43 cm

By TOUCH Community Services, Toh Hui Ping

Hui Ping is diagnosed with intellectual disability and speech impediment. Despite this, Hui Ping is an active individual who likes the outdoors. She prefers hanging out with her friends and coaches at the day activity centre where she attends and plays basketball weekly. Hui Ping adores cute trinkets and loves accessories such as colour bracelets and cartoon keychains on her bag. Being good with her hands, Hui Ping also enjoys painting and stencilling. She is also willing to learn new art forms to hone her craft.

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