Pierce, the Dragon


Pierce, the Dragon


Is dragon slaying considered animal abuse? According to Thaddeus, it may be so because dragons often attack only when provoked. Through this piece depicting an european style dragon in it’s element, Thaddeus questions the nuances of kindness.

He decided to name the dragon Pierce, a quirky jab at wordplay to remind us that even the firecest of dragons deserve love.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 46.5 cm X 92.5 cm

By Extraordinary People Limited, Thaddeus Chew

Thaddeus is a differently abled paleoartist who has a real sense for prehistoric life on earth. His depictions of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures are crisp, colourful and imaginative in nature. Under Extra∙Ordinary People’s Creative Lab Programme, Thaddeus has explored adding colour to his dinosaurs and even merging his dinosaurs onto background scenes!

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