My Robot Friends 02-Y23


My Robot Friends 02-Y23


02-Y23 marks the second installment of Bernard’s My Robot Friends series.

With his whimsical drawing style, Bernard conjures a jolly lineup of robots. These lively creations emerge from a mix of various parts and patterns, coming alive with vivid colours and glowing lights. Against a backdrop of pipes, gadgets, and a touch of rusty texture, an industrial ambiance takes shape. These elements converge, inviting viewers into an innocent and entertaining robotic world.

MEDIUM: Digital Art Print

SIZE: 42 cm X 29.7 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Bernard Ng

Bernard is a young artist who loves colours and has a flair for art. Bernard enjoys harnessing a range of colours into his artworks, which gives his works a signature pop! Bernard is a keen learner and an apprentice in Rainbow Centre’s Artability Programme, where he has been exploring a variety of mediums and styles.

Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities from birth to adulthood, enabling them with skills, supports and resources to gain independence and lead meaningful lives.

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