Little Gorge


Little Gorge


It is a fun day out today! We ran freely and filled the air with laughter. We came across a little gorge and crossed the wooden bridge that connected us to the other side. It was such an amazing sight, with water gushing down the rocks into the river with so much life.

MEDIUM: Oil Painting

SIZE: 80 cm X 100 cm

By Handicaps Welfare Association, Koh Ah Moi

Mdm Koh has Poliomyelitis in the age of 3 years old, completed her educations till Junior College as her parents were too poor not even able to pay for her $10 entry registration to the University. She started her love for arts during her secondary education, exploring different medium from pencil and charcoal sketching, Chinese painting, Acrylic art and finally settled down on oil paintings.

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