$800 (Starting bid price)

Available for auction on 24 November 2023. If you are keen to bid, please email to northeast_cdc@pa.gov.sg



With the use of a burst of colours, Su An created this piece which depicts what the eye sees through a kaleidoscope. It is her unique perception of the image she see, for no one is able to see the same two images when they use a kaleidoscope.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 61 cm X 61 cm

By ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd, Lau Su An

Su An is an artist with Down Syndrome. She began her art journey in hopes of improving her fine motor and communication skills. After more than a decade’s worth of practice, she is now a professional artist who focuses on painting with acrylics and watercolour. Flowers are her main inspiration and she hopes to capture their captivating grace and poise on paper. Besides painting, Su An is also musically talented and enjoys playing the piano and organ.

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