Joyful Bloom


Joyful Bloom


The artist wanted to use “Joyful Bloom” to represent the charm, elegance and purity of our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. The artist wishes to portray the welcoming and warm smile he has to celebrate all of life’s precious moments just like the orchid’s bloom in a joyful background colour. He is often seen connecting individuals and spreading joy by simply being present.

MEDIUM: Marker and Watercolour Painting

SIZE: 45.7cm X 33.0cm

By Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), Oh Boon Keng

Boon Keng faced many challenges finding a suitable job despite graduating with a degree in social work. He realised he could not keep up with the physical aspect of the job requirements. Regardless, Boon Keng is resourceful and has maintained good relationships with people who crossed paths with him. He believes in leading a fulfilling and unordinary life, and continues to share his stories as an inspirational speaker.

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