*Sold in Set of 3

Genine’s smaller size panoramas integrate fluorescent colours. Her second canvas is more still and serene, featuring quieter colours. The texture of the paint mirrors the softness of the feathers and the movement in the painting is similar to the spread of peacock tail feathers.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
60cm (H) x 20cm (W)

By : Genine Tham, Extra∙Ordinary People
Genine Tham is an art therapy beneficiary of Extra•Ordinary People’s Art Psychotherapy Programme. When she first started Art Psychotherapy sessions in 2019, she was only able to draw ’H’ and ‘9’ using a red marker. With guidance and encouragement, she has since developed a sense of openness and learnt to explore her environment through movement, rhythm, colour, sound and touch.

This artwork is currently on display at the exhibition space at Our Tampines Hub.