In a timeless kampung sanctuary, where nature thrives and community spirit intertwines, a young boy gracefully approaches an ancient well. With every pull, he unveils the purest essence of life’s elixir, droplets shimmering like liquid diamonds in the golden sunlight.

The rhythmic cadence of his actions resonates with the heartbeat of the kampung, a harmonious dance between humanity and nature. A symphony of whispered melodies paints the air with the fragrant promise of cherished traditions and shared moments.

In this idyllic oasis, the boy becomes a conduit, weaving tales of resilience, simplicity, and profound connection. His journey to the well becomes a romantic ode to the everlasting beauty found in the embrace of community and the purity of timeless rituals.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 30.5 cm X 40.6cm

By Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS), Ng Siang Hoi

Siang Hoi who was born with hearing impairment from birth learned to paint at a very young age. He enjoys painting Singapore Scenes like market places, Singapore River, Merlion and old structure scenes. His paintings which are done on canvases using acrylic paints has brought to life places of yesteryears.

He has progressed now to use his artistic talent to paint on other painting mediums to express his creativeness. His latest work on different sized ceramic tiles using porcelain and ceramic paints has brought many praises from customers who have purchased them.

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