Growing Up


Growing Up


This captivating painting portrays the growth journey of a crested Goshawk, from a vulnerable chick to a magnificent adult. It beautifully symbolizes the parallel journey of an artist, learning the art of survival and growth in their artistic pursuit. Just as the crested Goshawk transforms and matures, artists undergo a transformative process, evolving their skills and honing their craft to achieve their full potential.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 60.69 cm X 45.72 cm

By Vincent Seet

Vincent is a two-time stroke survivor and educator turned artist. He believed that every painting is “a dream come true” and every artwork can be a “hope for peace and harmony in the world”. Over the years, Vincent has supported various charity institutions locally as well as across the region. He also conducts art workshops for residents of a mental health nursing home on a voluntary basis.

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