Friendship Circle


Friendship Circle


To the artist, the greatest gifts in his life are his friends. They make him smile brighter, laugh louder and live better. The support and love from his friends gives him the motivation to strive for more. Once an angry boy, the artist did not expect himself to be so jovial and well-liked by people around him because of his pleasant disposition.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 34.0 cm X 34.0 cm

By Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), Muhd Saifudeen

Saifudeen has a very bright outlook in life. He believes that he must celebrate the life that he has, make the most out of it and continue to have aspirations just like everyone else. He is often very appreciative to his family, friends and teachers for what they have done. He often lends a helping hand to his peers who are in need, perhaps because of the love that he has received.

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