The gentle silhouette of flowers flutter in the beautiful azure sky. Flowerscape is a world that is bursting with abundant blooms, twirling vines and happy bees. The pops of colours add vibrance and liveliness, bringing happiness to all. 

Acrylic Paint and Marker (Reproduction Print)
43cm (H) x 55cm (W), Framed

By : Shoban Pillai, Touch Community Services
Shoban is an avid movie buff who often looks out for the latest blockbusters at his local cinema. His favourite movies are ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Avengers’ where both resonate with his view of heroes triumphing over villains. As an artist, he is inspired by animals, flowers, mountains, and lakes. 

 Shoban is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

This artwork is currently on display at the exhibition space at Our Tampines Hub.