Fjord Series – Sunrise


Fjord Sunrise embodies the joy, optimism and euphoria of the first light of summer on the Norwegian fjords. This glistening light is the tell-tale sign that freedom and fun with friends has begun. It’s one of the happiest and sought-after moments of the year being met with enthusiasm and celebration.

 50.5cm (H) x 101cm (W)

By : Natalie Holstad (1980), Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd (VSA)
An intuitive painter since she was 11, Norwegian-Singaporean artist Natalie Holstad is a firm believer in the healing powers of art. Her distinct abstract art style is a journey in colour, form and imagery that heals the self, the viewer and the space it adorns. “In this space, I dream, explore, go into the depths of feelings and memories and give them a voice,” she says.