Eastern BlueBird


The artist painted the forward-looking blue bird to depict her positive self. Birds are believed to be important messengers, and she hopes to use the artwork to remind others of the importance of positivity and love.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
21.0cm (H) x 26.0cm (W), Framed

By : (Late) Chan Siew Gek, Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS)
Siew Gek joined MDAS at age 55 and was well-liked and respected by many. She was seen as an elegant and classy lady with a scarf around her neck to keep herself warm on several occasions. 

Since her younger days, Siew Gek had been an independent lady who was generous with giving love. She is married with 2 sons, each having their own families now. However, her unconditional love for them was never doubted.

This artwork is currently on display at the exhibition space at Our Tampines Hub.