*Sold in Set of 3

Genine chose luminous colours for this set of paintings. She started with bright green, followed by orange, working her way through the rest of the paintings. For the third painting, she chose pastel colours which are more calming and soothing to the eye. After the paintings, she used a roller and sponge to add various effects. Can you spot koi swimming in the green pond? What do you see from the orange painting?

Stretched Canvas
42cm (H) x 29.7cm (W)

By : Genine Tham, Extra∙Ordinary People
Genine Tham is an art therapy beneficiary of Extra•Ordinary People’s Art Psychotherapy Programme. When she first started Art Psychotherapy sessions in 2019, she was only able to draw ’H’ and ‘9’ using a red marker. With guidance and encouragement, she has since developed a sense of openness and learnt to explore her environment through movement, rhythm, colour, sound and touch.