Dreaming Under the Stars


Dreaming Under the Stars


“Dreaming Under the Stars” unveils various aspects of Donovan’s earnest wishes. Donovan dreams to have the freedom to travel around anywhere just like the students in his favourite childhood TV series ‘The Magic School Bus’. The bus features his iconic dinosaur, with Donovan with his friend sitting atop the bus, drinking Teh Tarik and gazing at the Gemini constellation. Gemini is Donovan’s astrological sign.

MEDIUM: Watercolour painting

SIZE: 39 cm X 51 cm

By Metta Welfare Association, Donovan Ho

Donovan has a lovable personality. In times of need, he will be there to help. He also often shows concern to his colleagues and greets everyone he sees. Diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Donovan likes using shapes in his artworks. he loves to watch TV in and engages in social media platforms in his free time.

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