Decorative Jars 2


Decorative Jars 2


In this piece, the meticulous arrangement of the jars reflects a sense of harmony and balance. Their layout creates a dynamic interplay of form and proportion. Each jar exudes its unique personality, telling its own story.

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Ink Painting

SIZE: 21 cm X 29.7 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Quiana Kristen Rapisura Dela Cerna

Quiana is a talented 18-year-old art apprentice with autism at Rainbow Centre’s Artability Programme. Quiana is outspoken and full of positivity. At home, Quiana loves trying out new crafts. She will put in the time and effort to learn it all from Youtube. She has successfully learned knitting and origami from Youtube and library books. In Artability, Quiana enjoys exploring the different art styles and mediums. Quiana excels in everything that she does and she continues to challenge herself to learn more advanced art techniques.

Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities from birth to adulthood, enabling them with skills, supports and resources to gain independence and lead meaningful lives.

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