Dandelion Wonders Mug


Dandelions are known as bright and humble flowers. Their unique puff ball seed head associates them with hope, optimism and well wishes. The artist, Mimi, wishes to express her love for pottery with this portrayal of joy and bliss.

Height: 11 cm
Width: 12 cm 
Full Diameter: 8.5 cm 
Inner Diameter: 6 cm
Thickness:  0.7 cm 
Weight: 574g
Volume: 155ml

By : Ng Yit Ming Mimi (1961), Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd (VSA)
Mimi was born deaf when her mum had measles while being pregnant with her. Undeterred by her circumstances, Mimi is relentless in her passion for the visual arts. Mimi works as an architectural draftsperson, a bookworm cartoonist and a potter. She also runs her own social enterprise called “Dear ArtsCraftsy” to inspire and advocate for deaf artists and provide an opportunity for sustainable living.