City Nights


City Nights


The painting “City Nights” is a dynamic abstract piece that captures the essence of a bustling urban landscape. Bold strokes of vibrant colours come together in a kaleidoscope of shapes and forms, evoking the energy and excitement of a city in motion. Under the layers of paint are pieces of paper, forming texture. It signifies the building blocks of a growing metropolis.

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Painting

SIZE: 30 cm X 40 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Mohamed Naqiuddin Bin Mohamed Hamly

While Naqiuddin is always polite and well-mannered, he’s also an avid follower of internet trends. With his tech-savviness and cool demeanour, Naqiuddin enjoys the challenge of connecting with his audience and takes pride in showcasing his hard work to loved ones. Naqiuddin is one of our newest apprentice in Rainbow Centre’s Artability Programme, and he has a keen interest in painting thus far.

Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities from birth to adulthood, enabling them with skills, supports and resources to gain independence and lead meaningful lives.

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