Delight derived from the elegance of chrysanthemums is captured in this artwork by special artist Gary Chong. The dynamic splatter art backdrop adds a touch of energy and movement, creating a captivating composition. The chrysanthemums in full bloom against the backdrop exude a sense of vibrancy and livliness, reminding us to embrace the spontaneous beauty that surrounds us.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 55 cm X 43 cm

By TOUCH Community Services, Gary Chong

Gary is diagnosed with intellectual disability. He is a talented artist with a remarkable spirit. His friendly and chatty nature shines through as he expresses himself through art. His vibrant energy is evident in his captivating drawings, showcasing his innate talent and passion. Beyond art, Gary finds joy in dancing, a testament to his zest for life and determination to embrace the world with boundless enthusiasm.

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