Burger Deluxe


Burger Deluxe


Inspired by a timelapse video, Reuel’s patience and determination shone through as he observes and works to figure out the techniques to make his illustrations look lifelike! Upon completing this piece, Reuel expressed that “this is a real, delicious burger!” and proceeded to pretend to take a big bite of it.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 50 cm X 40 cm

By Extraordinary People Limited, Reuel Dylan Tan

Reuel (17) is a self-taught artist. He has a natural gift for the creative arts and lives a colourful life, celebrating festivals and special occasions. Diagnosed with Autism, he attends programmes at Extra.Ordinary People, connecting with others through art, music, drama and fashion. Reuel gets into character when he paints, dressing up like an archetypal French street artist. His impeccable knack for colours enables his trademark creations, where colours come together in a way that imbues each painting with life and feeling.

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