Blossoms and Fins: A Dance of Nature


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Blossoms and Fins: A Dance of Nature


The artists portrayed a harmonious fusion of their likings; the graceful fish (by Gary) and Sakura blossoms (by Felicia). The pink petals compliment the vibrant shimming scales, evoking a sense of ethereal unity. Dappled light dances, casting a golden aura, while the composition invites contemplation on the interconnected beauty of land and water.

The composition masterfully juxtaposes terrestrial and aquatic realms, inviting reflection on the profound interdependence of all life forms. This captivating piece is a testament to the fragile beauty that graces our world, encouraging us to cherish and preserve the exquisite dance of nature that unfolds around us.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 60 cm X 90 cm

By Gary Chong, Artist with intellectual disability and Felicia Chin, Actress and Content Creator

Gary is a 26-year-old with intellectual disability. He is a multi-talented individual that has a passion for art painting and find solace in swimming and dance. His cheerful demeanour is infectious and brings joy to those around him. He is joined by local actress Felicia Chin, who also enjoys painting in her leisure time, to create this piece of art.

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