Black Dog


Black Dog


A black dog is a symbolic representation of depression to Linda. Yet, with the proper support, as represented by the yellow background, it can be overcome and emerge into a colourful and vibrant life, as defined by the colour and expression of the dog. No matter our circumstances, we can still have a hopeful life like others.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 30 cm X 30 cm

By Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Linda Wong Pui See

Linda, 30, was diagnosed with BPD, anxiety disorder and mild autism. Art provides her a channel to soothe and express herself. She is a hobbyist artist who is interested in different types of arts media, especially digital art, to create unique artworks. Linda hopes that her artwork can provide a platform to connect people of differences, spark conversations that lead to acceptance and spread hopes.

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