Bird’s Eye View, The First


Bird’s Eye View, The First


Bird of life embracing life trying to remain steadfast with life by accepting what was, what is, what it will come to be and what is yet to come. Elements of life to symbolise growth includes, sun, rain, flowers, leaves and fire. Adapting the concept of bird’s eye view is to view life at its far wide angle. A perspective that allows one to be at a gentle level with one’s emotions, breathe and manifest the distance they forgetfully needed while embracing their life journey.

But… what do you see?

MEDIUM: Oil-based Marker Painting

SIZE: 27 cm X 22 cm

By Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Nur Amalina Binte Rahmad

Amalina, 27, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Doodling on her notes with her black pen since young, pen and ink has now become her signature art style. It helps her feel hopeful and grounded, and she is beginning to explore the world of colours. Ina strongly believes that “there is no right or wrong, good or bad artwork and that every art showcases the beauty of a person’s state of mind, identity and the beautiful visual product of one’s brain juices.”

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