Poise and Elegance


$1,000 (Starting bid price)

Available for auction on 24 November 2023. If you are keen to bid, please email to northeast_cdc@pa.gov.sg

Poise and Elegance


The art piece portrays two vibrant koi fish gracefully navigating a tranquil pond. Brushstrokes of blues and teals capture the water’s serene state as it catches gentle water drops after the rain, creating ripples of harmony, while delicate lily  pads embody stability and new beginnings. The atmosphere exudes peace and the promise of continuous blessings.

MEDIUM: Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 85 cm X 64 cm

By Rainbow Centre, Nur Sabrina Binte Rahim and Nurul Aini, Actress

Despite having Cerebral Palsy, Sabrina is a sweet and joyful young lady who loves K-POP music, food and everything cute. Pairing up with Nurul Aini, she guided the TV presenter and actress through the process of painting with dash strokes, a technique used by Sabrina’s source of inspiration – Van Gogh.

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