Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA)

Since 1993, VSA Singapore has been empowering persons with physical and intellectual disabilities through the arts. We promote visual, performing and literary arts through various programmers and events for persons with disabilities. VSA Singapore has also established pathways for them to progress and excel in their fields and pursue a career in the arts. For more information on VSA(S), visit

Our Artists

Lee Mun Choong (1967)

Mun Choong, a former student of the Spastic Children’s Association School, is an affectionate, enthusiastic, childlike artist whose squeals of joy interject every few strokes of his art-making process. His subjects often revolve around the natural world of flora, fauna and garden creatures. He pursues art under the guidance of private tutors and the loving care of his parents. In 2001, he was selected to participate in a cartooning workshop organised by Very Special Arts and The Necessary Stage. 

Eugene Soh (1963)

Eugene is a self-trained artist who admires the artistic style of Van Gogh and Raymond Lau. To him, art is everywhere: from the depository of his memories of travelling with his wife to the expression of his deep faith in God, the mainstay of his artistic inspiration. Eugene was one of the 13 VSA artists selected for the 1999 Maybank-VSA Pair With An Artist Programme. In 2000, he was also chosen to participate in the Hakaren Gallery-VSA “Five Elements” exhibition at Sheraton Towers. 

Azmi Bin Mahmad (1968)

Azmi’s love for art started at a tender age. His favorite subjects to paint are nature and landscapes while his choice of mediums are oil and watercolour. Azmi uses art as a channel to express his inner thoughts and feelings. He has loved art since he was a child and his classes at VSA have given him the opportunity to further develop his talent in art.

Teresa Tan (1951)

Teresa had always enjoyed painting but she never knew she had the gift for it until she was struck with her disability. She started her journey as an artist after attending lessons conducted at the Handicaps Welfare Association. Teresa’s style of painting, “Elaborate Art”, requires skills and concentration as it works with several layers of paints. Painting instils a great sense of achievement and also provides a chance for her to stay connected to the world.

Daniel Tan Beng Leong (1962)

Daniel captivates viewers with his rich and vibrant use of colours in his watercolour paintings. His subject matters vary but all of them reflect the wealth of colours, along with his own skills and talent. Daniel received his training from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and is constantly seeking to improve and expand his knowledge through the tutelage from other art teachers in mediums such as oil painting.

Zoe Tan (1976)

A freelance designer and former art teacher, Zoe was a recipient of a Very Special Arts Scholarship in Graphic Design. Zoe first developed a passion for art under the early tutelage of her father. Her brain-teasing drawings use finely crafted compositions that combine realism with explorations of various art elements to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality. In her artworks, you can recognize her keen observation of the world as well as the expressions of her own fantasies. 

Raymond Lau (1968)

A vocal and colourful individual, Raymond excels in both realist and abstract renditions in oil and acrylic. For Raymond, painting is therapeutic as it helps him find peace and fullness. His body of work reveals a gentler, softer side of an outwardly bold and brassy individual.

Raymond received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Tasmania.His works can be found in the collections of President S.R. Nathan, Singapore Management University, United Overseas Bank and the National Arts Council.

Stanley Lim (1977)

Stanley is a diligent and highly motivated artist. He taught himself to paint with his mouth through different resources available. Stanley’s painting technique in acrylic has matured as the transparency of glass and the lush greenery of landscapes in his paintings became recurring elements featured in his works.

Natalie Holstad (1980)

An intuitive painter since she was 11, Norwegian-Singaporean artist Natalie Holstad is a firm believer in the healing powers of art. Her distinct abstract art style is a journey in colour, form and imagery that heals the self, the viewer and the space it adorns. In this space, I dream, explore, go into the depths of feelings and memories and give them a voice,” she says.

Lau Su An (1984)

Su an paints in watercolour and acrylic with her favourite subjects being flowers and scenes of Singapore. She received her art training by attending the various art courses organised by vsa. Of late, she also paints abstracts using bright and bold colours.

Joshua Tang (1992)

Joshua is a cheerful and friendly individual who works as an F&B Service Associate at Rasa Sentosa Resort. His interests include swimming, bowling, movies, surfing the internet and travelling. Through art, he expresses his emotions, opinions and thoughts and desires to share with others the joy he experiences in art. He is always willing to try new techniques and different media. His recent venture into ‘pouring’ artworks have been well received by collectors.

Ng Yit Ming Mimi (1961)

Mimi was born deaf when her mum had measles while being pregnant with her. Undeterred by her circumstances, Mimi is relentless in her passion for the visual arts. Mimi works as an architectural draftsperson, a bookworm cartoonist and a potter. She also runs her own social enterprise called “Dear ArtsCraftsy” to inspire and advocate for deaf artists and provide an opportunity for sustainable living.



SGD $680.00


Impressionism – Faith

SGD $150.00



SGD $560.00

夕阳无限好 只是近黄昏

夕阳无限好 只是近黄昏 Sunset Dusk

SGD $500.00


Pink Magnolia

SGD $430.00


Never Let Go Of Your Dreams

SGD $690.00


Golden Days

SGD $2860.00


Golden Willows

SGD $1300.00


Rhythm of Hope

SGD $860.00


Breath of the Sun

SGD $1150.00


Fjord Series - Sunrise

SGD $1500.00


Floral Splendor

SGD $440.00


Swirling Energy (Auction Piece)

SGD $500.00



SGD $500.00


The Ocean

SGD $350.00


Rushing Waters

SGD $350.00


Impression of Jupiter

SGD $440.00


Streaks of Joy Mug

SGD $50.00


Dandelion Wonders Mug

SGD $50.00

Splash of Colours Mug

Splash of Colours Mug

SGD $50.00