JOURNEY By TOUCH Community Services

JOURNEY is a Singapore brand that represents the creative talents of people with intellectual disabilities. Through this platform, the artworks of special needs artists are recognised and shared with a wider public as well as corporate bodies. 

JOURNEY supports some 60 artists from TOUCH Community Services – a local charity that conducts an art programme for people with intellectual disabilities. Through JOURNEY, these artists can earn an income from the sale of their art and gain access to opportunities for collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity. Find out more on how you can journey with us at 

Our Artists

Chen Zhiyu

Zhiyu used to be very reserved and found it challenging to start a conversation with others. However, art has given Zhiyu more confidence in life as he is no longer the reserved person he once was and is now able to briefly introduce himself. Zhiyu creates artworks that carry his unique perspective on life, such as the iconic playgrounds in Singapore.

Zhiyu is diagnosed with Intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

Cheong Wai Fong

Wai Fong is caring towards her family and friends. She loves flowers and can be found wearing a floral top on most days. Her avid love for flowers is often translated into her art pieces.

Wai Fong is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Chew Mei Hui

Taking long walks is one of Mei Hui’s favourite pastimes. Besides checking out her neighbourhood and shopping malls, she also enjoys outings with her friends during the weekend. Other hobbies include watching local TV dramas at home, playing Candy Crush and a puzzle game on her handphone. Mei Hui also enjoys stencilling in art class as she can use a wide variety of colours creatively.

Mei Hui is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Clement Tan

Clement is a foodie who enjoys all kinds of food. He has a cheerful deposition and never fails to look out for his peers. He is creative in art and observant of his surroundings.

Clement is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Cornelius Tiong

Cornelius finds communicating with others challenging, but art has allowed him to express himself freely through his drawings. He is now able to communicate with his family and friends easily with joy. 

Cornelius is diagnosed with Maker Genes, which causes developmental delays.

Emily Chua

Emily enjoys creating art as it enables her to express herself to a wider audience. Also a cat lover, felines hold a special appeal for her as she finds them graceful and mysterious. 

Being exposed to different art forms has helped Emily develop a better appreciation for colours in her art. She hopes that her paintings can make people happy. 

Emily is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Eugene Lim

Eugene is a caring friend who takes the initiative to help his peers when the need arises. One of Eugene’s favourite pastimes is solving word search puzzles. At the centre, he enjoys attending visual art and cooking classes.

Eugene is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and multiple congenital deformities.

Grace Lim

Grace used to be quiet, but her growing love for art has enabled her to be more expressive to her friends and family. In her free time, Grace likes to window shop. As a budding artist, Grace has been given opportunities to hone her artistic skills under the tutelage of local artists and art professionals. Her style includes vivid, fluid brushstrokes with acrylic paint to reflect her creativity and passion in expressing herself through her art.

Grace is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Loh Wei Jie

Wei Jie enjoys eating and listening to a variety of music, from Chinese oldies to trance and disco. He is also a friendly and sociable person, often going out with his friends and hanging out at malls on weekends. As an artist, Wei Jie is creative and displays an artistic flair. He also has a good eye for detail, exemplified through the intricate art forms in his paintings.

Wei Jie is diagnosed with autism and mild mental retardation.

Margaret Chee

Margaret likes attending visual art lessons and has learnt to express simple creativity in her drawings. She enjoys drawing fruits, contemporary colours, dots and lines and doing abstract painting with colours.

Margaret is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and Schizophrenia.

Natalie Yap

Natalie is a quiet girl who takes a while to warm up to the people around her. At TOUCH, baking is one of her favourite activities because she likes desserts. Natalie also enjoys mobility training classes as she gets to visit different places with her friends via public transport.

Natalie is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, partial hearing impairment and partial speech impairment.

Say Kim Han

The city life in Singapore is a source of fascination for Kim Han. He enjoys jogging and often thinks of his favourite Singaporean landmarks, such as the Marina Bay Sands and Raffles City while doing it. He excels in sketching intricate details in his artwork, reflecting the methodical way he thinks.

Kim Han is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Shennie Yang

Shennie’s love for family and close ties with her siblings and parents are often the inspiration for her art. As an artist, Shennie gravitates to cute animals and nature. She enjoys drawing hamsters and flowers. She also loves inventing art patterns using the alphabets in her name.

 Shennie is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Shoban Pillai

Shoban is an avid movie buff who often looks out for the latest blockbusters at his local cinema. His favourite movies are ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Avengers’ where both resonate with his view of heroes triumphing over villains. As an artist, he is inspired by animals, flowers, mountains, and lakes. 

 Shoban is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Wong Jun Quan

Jun Quan is a huge movie and television series buff. Being passionate about art, Jun Quan sketches in his free time and hones his craft before going to bed every night. Jun Quan also has a keen interest in technology and enjoys drawing IT-related memorabilia such as computers and smartphones in his artwork.

Jun Quan is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


My Starry Treescape

SGD $180.00


Wildflowers Blooming

SGD $180.00


Wildflower Blooms

SGD $180.00


Marks & Colour Expression

SGD $500.00



SGD $180.00


Wildflowers Blooming

SGD $180.00


Family Bond

SGD $180.00



SGD $180.00


My Favourite Treescape

SGD $180.00


Lines & Colour Expression

SGD $180.00



SGD $180.00


Butterfly Wonders

SGD $650.00


Vision of Hope

SGD $180.00

Butterfly Wonders(2)

Butterfly Wonders

SGD $650.00



SGD $1080.00

Butterfly Wonders(3)

Butterfly Wonders

SGD $180.00