Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS)

Founded in March 2000, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) is a non-profit social service agency, committed towards uplifting the lives of persons with Muscular Dystrophy and their families. Through our programmes and services, the Association empowers our beneficiaries to lead a life beyond their limitations. These include life skills training, enrichment, sports, health education, counselling, physiotherapy, respite care, wheelchair accessible transport and financial related assistance.

As a member of the National Council of Social Service and having the Institution of Public Character status, MDAS receives donations primarily from the general public.

Our Artists

Muhd Saifudeen

Muhd Saifueen, a 24 year old man, had limited exposure to the various artists around the world when he completed this art piece in 2017. 

Today, Saifudeen has had the opportunity to shine through his efforts and he knows it wouldn’t have been possible without those dear to him. Having a keen interest in abstract art, he attempted to let his mind flow and embrace his own perspectives in his artwork. 

Yau Li Ping Jasmine

Jasmine is a 27 year old female who enjoys painting. It took her more than 3 years before she gained confidence and became more outgoing. She has since made many new connections with her peers and the rest of the world.

Ong Lay Cheng Jasmine

Jasmine is young at heart and is often full of energy when she is with her peers. She is passionate and enthusiastic to share her excitement and happiness with those around her through her artworks.

(Late) Chan Siew Gek

Siew Gek joined MDAS at age 55 and was well-liked and respected by many. She was seen as an elegant and classy lady with a scarf around her neck to keep herself warm on several occasions. 

Since her younger days, Siew Gek had been an independent lady who was generous with giving love. She is married with 2 sons, each having their own families now. However, her unconditional love for them was never doubted. 

Haslina Supari

Haslina permanently relies on a wheelchair to go places and ramps are an essential part of her mobility. She dreamed of living a peaceful and laidback lifestyle in an atap house in a rural area.

Chan Yi Jun Timothy

Throughout the years, Timothy had cultivated many friendships and partook in various activities where he got to know new people. However, it was not always a smooth journey for him. When challenges arise, he sees each of them as an opportunity to grow in character.

Wong Joon Wei Nickolas

Due to the various constraints in his life, Nickolas has limited exposure to the world and little understanding beyond what he sees in front of him. Nonetheless, he has been very forthcoming and willing to take on challenges when such opportunities arise.

Lim Kay Choong

Kay Choong has always been a big brother to his younger peers, who shares his views and motivates them. With his easy going personality, he has established many wonderful friendships and taught people around him to embrace their differences. Kay Choong continues to prove his capability in contributing towards the society and economy.

Eng Wei Xiang William

With the access of a motorised wheelchair since 2016, William has regained his self-confidence and he enjoys moving around independently with minimal help.


The Design World

SGD $150.00


New Beginning

SGD $150.00


Fiery Flower

SGD $150.00



SGD $160.00

Eastern BlueBird

Eastern BlueBird

SGD $150.00


Dream House

SGD $150.00


Candy Land

SGD $150.00


Ant’s Eye View

SGD $150.00

Colours of the Sky

Colours of the Sky

SGD $150.00


Butterfly Happiness (Auction Piece)

SGD $1200.00