An organization committed to enhance the quality of life of people with physical disabilities and integrate them into mainstream society.

Our Artists

Mr Goh Nga A

Mdm Koh Ah Moi and Mr Goh Ah Nga are husband and wife. Mr Goh has had Poliomyelitis since the age of 4. Both of them begin their journey exploring into different mediums and materials for their pursue of their family and love in arts. Mr Goh explored Chinese paintings and watercolor and together with Mdm Koh, he joined HWA’s art programs in 2004 and tookup oil paintings till today. 

Mdm Koh Ah Moi

Mdm Koh Ah Moi and Mr Goh Ah Nga are husband and wife. Mdm Koh has Poliomyelitis at the age of 3 years old and completed her education till Junior College. She started her love for arts during her secondary education, exploring different mediums from pencil and charcoal sketching, Chinese painting, Acrylic art to oil paintings. In 2004, both husband and wife joined the HWA’s self-development programs in Arts.

Mdm Tay Bee Lian

She is a member of The Handicaps Welfare Association. Stuck with Poliomyelitis at the early age of 4 years old, her love for art started during her primary art lesson. However, due to her family’s financial situation, she could only practice on dirt grounds using twigs as pencils and soils as her canvas. In 1985, she enhanced her love for art through free lessons conducted by Thomson Community Centre and continued her journey of pursuing passion for arts till today. 

Mr Soh Yu Lin, Eugene

Eugene had a major spinal cord surgery in 1981 which resulted in him being paraplegic and wheelchairbound.

To him, art is everywhere: from the depository of his memories of travelling with his wife to the expression of his deep faith in God, the mainstay of his artistic inspiration. In 2003, Eugene was the proud Silver Medalist in the 6th International Abilympics competition in New Delhi, India. He had also won many other awards in the coming years.

Mdm Daisy Tay Gek Tin

Poliomyelitis infected her at an early age of 5 years old. Growing up with a disability, her morale was low and miserable till she was introduced to art and music. She then found serenity and peace in her inner self and set her life back in track. 

In the early 2000s, she started painting lessons with the help and fundings from Handicaps Welfare Association. Her sold artworks inspired her to create more paintings, giving her the hope and inspiration to live on stronger.


Companions - Nature Bliss

SGD $650.00


Tranquility - Nature Heals (Auction Piece)

SGD $500.00


Waterfall - The Flow of Life

SGD $500.00


Watching the Young

SGD $650.00


Abundant life

SGD $800.00


Celebrate Nature

SGD $600.00


Rhythm of Time

SGD $1080.00



SGD $650.00


Looking to a New Dawn

SGD $650.00