The Singapore Cheshire Home

Our Artists

Salfura Binte Alias, 40

Salfura Binte Alias loves to do diamond paintings in her free time. She is able to draw and fill up with colors in any of her artworks.

Han Kwan Heng, Katherine, 69

Han Kwan Heng, Katherine enjoys painting as she can express her emotions and feelings without words. She is best known for her nature drawings.

Ng Siew Lian, 53

Ng Siew Lian is creative in painting related to watercolour. She is an independent resident who is always keen in painting new art pieces and had produced beautiful paintings in her artworks.

Eileen Tay Soh Choon, 63

Eileen Tay Soh Choon is always enthusiastic in painting buildings and waterfalls even though she needs a special device to assist her in her paintings.

Low Mun Chong, 57

Low Mun Chong has great interest in acrylic paintings even before he joined the Home. He continues his interest with great joy and passion.

Toh Chiew Fern Phoebe, 40

Toh Chiew Fern, Phoebe is passionate about arts and the various techniques of handicraft. She does them with her heart to ensure the successful completion of her art pieces.

Cheng Fong Chen Emily, 76

Cheng Fong Chen, Emily is always passionate in learning new things especially anything art-related and is always helpful in the tasks given to her.

Teo Wan Ping Michelle, 48

Teo Wan Ping, Michelle is keen to learn new skills. She is a new beginner in painting and showing her art and talent.

Tan Wee Kuan, 44

Tan Wee Kuan is enthusiastic about art. He enjoys drawing and sketching with pencil. He is eager to learn new skills, particularly when it comes to painting with watercolour.