Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

Our Artists

Quek Hong An, Mark Lim, Lim Thye Ann, Reuben Khanal, Michael Tang, Jayant Jayal Sujanani, Lau Su An, June Lin, Chen Wan Yi, Gabriella Francesca Allan, Lennard Ong, Lin Chun Ru, Daniel Yuen, Rachel Hong, Manpreet Kaur, Lisa Low, Lim Ming Fei, Jeannie Tan.

Using their thumb prints, they created this work of art which shows their unity and strength as a team.

Amanda Chin, Dawson Tan, Kenneth Tan, Lim Thye Ann, Toh Wei Kang

These budding artists often experiment with different mediums to create their masterpiece but they generally enjoy painting with acrylic the most. With guidance, they have completed many commissioned artworks.

June Lin Yi Zhen, 34

June experiments with different mediums like watercolours, acrylic and crayons but she enjoys acrylics the most. Her works have always been well received

Mark Lim, 25

Mark, bashful but friendly, enjoys experimenting with different mediums. More often than not, you can often spot him with a smile on his face. He dabbles in art with a bold and meticulous approach. His artworks are often brightly coloured, just like his personality.

Lin Chun Ru

Chun Ru has been painting independently as an artist for over five years. She enjoys working with acrylic and has several paintings to her credit. She is also open to different techniques such as using finger tips and q-tips to explore her creativity.


Andrew is a budding artist that is full of life and always cheers everyone around him up with his infectious laughter. He is always expressive in his art pieces, using vivid and bold colours to express his love for the arts.

Ai Chinn

Ai Chinn is a young lady who is fascinated with the vibrancy of colours. She remains versatile with the use of different materials and inspiration that sometimes give off a ‘wow’ effect in her artworks.

Koong Su Yao

Su Yao is shy by nature and particularly enjoys working on portraits. She has an easy going personality and dabbles in creative techniques such as sponges and fingerprints. Her works are marked by bright colours and bold strokes.