Our Artists

Hashem Arif Khambaty

Hashem has a great love for bright and vibrant colours, which shows in his art that brings joy to those who view them.

Chris Lau

Chris is a passionate artist whose strength is seeing the beauty around him and reflecting that in his artwork.

Nicholas Eaw

Nicholas is a driven youth with an ardent love for art and architecture. Using his skillful eye in perspectives of urban landscapes, his works feature buildings that invoke a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim has a strong passion in drawing architectural buildings, cityscapes and skylines. He started drawing at a young age and often spends several hours daily honing his drawing skills and sketching whatever captures his eyes.

John Toh

John is a resident artist for ArtSE and helps out with art classes to groom the next generation of young artists, especially those with similar passions to his.

Zoe Evelyn Tian

Evelyn is inspired by her faith to create artwork that would reflect her thoughts as well as to serve as encouragement to others.

Joshua Chong Kai En

Joshua is an artist who sees beyond the fierce façade of a supposed monster. He also lives by the mantra of “seek first to understand”.

Aaron Yap

Aaron is ArtSE’s resident illustrator who loves telling tales through art with his little characters in their everyday lives.